Monday, June 27, 2011

Update, Mailorder, Etc.

If you still haven't yet, you can still download Repercussions for free using any of the links we've posted in our last blog post. Feel free to do so, and then if you dig it and can spare some cash, feel free to order a tape! This leads us to the next bit of news...

If you're in the UK/Europe, we now have distribution for our tape in those areas thanks to the mighty and awesome Witch Hunter Records. Not only are they providing distribution of our tape, but their label roster is pretty killer, so while you order our tape, pick up some releases from them too! On top of being able to order plenty of killer music, you can now avoid paying an arm and a leg for slow shipping from us in the US!

On the subject of slow things: we are slowly working our way through demoing new material. we have 5 songs partially recorded. We're laying this stuff down prior to recording final versions of it for EP #2. Chances are this stuff won't make it's way to being available freely (or retail either), but there's always a possibility we might post a song or two from the sessions. We're writing some of our best material yet, and we can't wait to go back to Mars Studio and lay down the final versions.

We're laying relatively low lately this summer. Maybe a few shows here and there, but with the summer being occupied with one of us getting married in July and Masakari touring with Alpinist in August, we'll be pretty tied up in the summer. We're going to do the best we can to play a few gigs here and there, and then in the fall likely kick things back into gear. Stay tuned...

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