Tuesday, July 20, 2010

old gods

Expansion and growth. Forward momentum.

Finished tracking the Demo yesterday at Mars recording with Bill Korecky. Bill's working on some editing and mixing this week and we go in next week for the final mix. We should have something to show for our work pretty soon. The raw tracks and rough mix sound amazing. I know that Bill's an amazing talent but it's easy to forget just how effortlessly and fluid a real artisan can work. He's an impressive force to watch and just completely awesome to work with. I'm glad we pulled it together and went with Mars.

I started this blog because we've got no outlet for the day to day, nowhere online to call home. So this is probably going to be HQ for information and ranting.

We'll be posting one of the tracks for free download. The rest will be available at first on cassette (with accompanying download, of course). We'll be looking for someone to put it out on vinyl, I can't imagine it'll take long to find someone willing. You know anyone?

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